Lundarhegni Naturpark

Hatlestrandsv. 761
5635 Hatlestrand
+47 971 85 676
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Folkloristic Interests in Nature

Informal support group of people who prefer contact or more closely knowledge about our project. We have got a list
of members for internal use. Here members, if they want, can show interest in the HOUSING PROJECT (bullet point).
Membership you acquire simply by tick yourself into the MEMBERSHIP LIST 

Members may be invited for meetings or gatherings.  There they will be informed on plans and development.
Donations and voluntary work in park and projects, will lay the foundation for first courses and discounts.
For ordinary renting agreements, housing purchases, advertising space and tickets, see PRICES


Forest Space

"Landnaam" is a Norse word related to the German word for taking, "nehmen". However, the sacred land belongs to the Kingdom of Lundarhegni. So, if you want to acquire your privat land and make your own settlement in the forest, we suggest to hire through Landnaam. That is the closest you can come to your own land.

This is primarily a scheme for those who want their own forest area for tent. Forest Space has the advantage that the tent can stand a long period of time without the ground taking any serious damage. A forest area gives more solitude and peace. Assigned space can be obtained for both shorter or longer periods. If you want the space more permanently, it may be made more private. If so, the park will be happy to lend out boulders for marking your "estate".



Bygg i Berg og Boge (build in cave and curve)

At a time with increasing needs for more building land in our country, agriculture areas in Norway is set under pressure. We have not got too much of cultivated land. On the other hand we have got enough of rock and mountains, enough to carefully share with wild animals and wild plants.  
First we build the road. The scenery, with contours and clefts, will tell us where to go. Then it is time for buildings to take forms. With good facilitation, right technology and agile solutions, buildings may, more or less, be attached into the terrain and follow up the topography. Nature offers and tells, what will be done, how much or how little of the construction that should be visible. Naturopath forms can be supported, be attenuated or be amplified. If we manage to find an aesthetic interaction, then we got hold of the thread, and we can choose the right track. Random plot construction and BBB do not grow from the same root. Would you like to know more about our philosophy, contact us!


Lundarhegni has no ONLINE STORE yet. Such a web-based solution will come later. Still we have got some simple products to offer. They can be sold out after agreements. You may expect some time before delivery. Here we briefly configure an overview of what we envision could be sold:

Organic Goods

  • Wood
  • Horn
  • Skin
  • Livestock
  • Curd milk
  • Meat from Viking Cows
  • Wild meat (procurement)
  • Organic vegetable (procurement)
  • Organic ice cream (procurement)


  • Ceremony
  • Tour guiding
  • Story telling
  • Guest transport
  • Deer safari w/car and camera
  • Snow Shuffling w/ big tractor
  • Help in the garden → Hardanger Hagehjelp
  • Certified mountain and glacier guiding: Bratt Lende
  • Farm tourism, special for willing workers