A timber cabin with outhouse for rent. The place has got it’s name, Folkvang, named after the home of  the Norse fertility goddess, Freya. The little house suits perfectly to accommodation for a romantic couple 🙂
In addition to the sleeping loft, the sofa can be changed into a double bed. We recommend the guests to bring with them their own linen. The sitting room has got a wood-burning stove. There are no electricity. If guests bring their own gas, they may connect through the wall into the kitchen and prepare warm food on the hotplate there. Summer time water run directly into the kitchen. A toilet dunk has got it’s place in the outhouse.
A hundred years ago, many Norwegian grew up in such a small house. Each family was often large. 12 children were not completely unusually. But it was unusual for all 12 to reach juveniles age. In addition, families could also contain both grandparents and relatives. People shared. If the space became too narrow, and if it was nat raining, they could of course use the greater hall, outside the main door.
So, if you want a little taste of how it was to live in old days, welcome to Folkvang!

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