Lundarhegni Camp

fullsizeoutput_537  arneplassen  Arneplassen

The campsite has got it’s own parking place near by.

Camp life:
This place suits for both for single, couples and families who prefer a peaceful, quiet and cheep holiday.

Sunny and child-friendly swimming beach in Eikelandsvaagen is accessible, only 10 min. walk from the campsite.

Lundarhegni has its own fishing place, Velomsholo. Here you can do sea fishing with rod from the shore.
If guests more wish to rent a boat, we may help contacting a boat owner. By boat it is also easy to reach the islets, Eikholmane, 500 m from the bathing beach.

Arneplassen is a properly presented bonfire site inside the camp. Here you have the opportunity to grill, f.ex. self-fished fish. Arneplassen is acting as a cardiac place in the park. Here the whole thing started. In this context the name Arne means fireplace, the original one, the place where one gets something done, like in a forging-esse. Arne we also associate with the word arninge (jarning or jadning), where the word arn or ard tear up the turf, a form of soil preparation before time of the plow. Arne is also the oldest man’s namnet who is found tied to the farm Eikjeland and thus also to The Old Grove. In that time the name probably was pronounced Ádne. To be “ádnig” suggests that you are in a hurry, you will be finished, you want to get something done!
The famous man, Ivar Aasen, had much knowledge about our old language, but in case Arne, he may have got it wrong. Are is the male name for eagle, and it is rather questionable that Arne and Are can be the same name. Are is probably related to sound. Nevertheless, Aasen may be allowed to keep his words, because the eagle may have been looked upon as the Arne-bird, the bird from the beginning.

For those who rather want to put up their tents more privat, it is possible to do so inside the forest of Lundarhegni. For this we may make a special agreement  on an assigned space. For rent of campsite, campground, forest space or permanent forest space, we can do the deal through the scheme LANDNAAM.