"Let the Gripping Animal take you,
East of the Sun, West of the Moon.
Inside Dwarf's Rock, hire a place soon!
Reclaim what was banned, arise and let stand!

High monument by Dwarfs erected, all.
On top of Misty Mountain, column standing tall.
Volundr, king of Elves, hoists the flag, not small.
Will Moria one time more fall?"

Knut J. Nerhus




At the entrance into the shrine, Soria Castle is shining. This is the gate of welcome. There lives The Seeking Human. The castle is located on the border between Midgard and The Other World.

Moria is a dark underground realm. This world represents the transition and the exit. Shapeshifting, also called metamorphosis, is central. Materials, humans and powers will not be the same when they may come out compared to when they went in.
In Moria there live underground beings, miners and dwarves. A dwarf is master of art, forging, breeding, and transformation. His skill works both for material matters, mind and memory.

Lisa Ekdal is a Swedish tekstmaker and vocalist. Her words is so aptly, and she sums up the essence of what Moria stands for and what the platform offers:"Med kroppen mot Jorden er det ingenting jag måste forstå". (With the body facing The Earth, there is nothing I need to understand)

According to JRR. Tolkien, Old Moria was destroyed by evil forces, but the dwarves are longing for returning to their home. Great and good powers will rebuild Moria. Again, the tone from hammer and anvil shall be heard.
In New Moria manufacture-niches will glow and be alive. The exhibition hall will be majestic and sals-stalls will offer a wide range of arts and crafts.
Outside Moria, at the foot of the mountain, there is Alvheimr located. Elfs and dwarfs therefor live each for themselves, but still they are friends. They signed a friendship-agreement.

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