The wave reaches you
and leads you
down into the depths.
Likewise you are the wave.

original in Latin
by Fiona Frewert and Faun


"Soft Dawn" 1975  Knut J. Nerhus



Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci

From "The Evening Songs of the Frogs" by LaDameBlanche, Barzaz Breits, Bretagne

"There exist 3 moons and 3 continents,
full of small children laughing,
shining flowers and fruits of gold, 
3 births and 3 endings,
for the man as for the oak tree"

La Dame de

How did people look upon nature in heathen times? Naturally, there were differences between people before, as it is today. Some were more spiritual than others. Those who were spiritual, had contact with spirits of nature.  Compared with what it is today, the whole scenery was, to a greater extent, like one big sanctuary. Nature was alive, everything, from stick to stone. In the latest years, this way of looking upon nature, has got a renaissance through greater respect for aborigines and indigenous people, more religious freedom, new researches, ecosophy and the Gaia theory.

At the same time, nature is under a heavier pressure than ever before. The exerted pressure comes from strong population growth, rootlessness, materialism, big industries, multinational companies and an ever increasing consumption, accompanied by all its environmental problems.

Today green opposing forces is a must! But without a solid foundation, it can be difficult to get the right imagination.
"Dei Gamle Fjell i Syningom" (Appearance of the Old Mountains) is a strong Norwegian song made by Ivar Aasen (1813-1896). This man was the savior of the Norwegian old rooted country language. And his poem goes to the core of his work, which is as solid as rock, primarily tangible, secondary with a deeper underlying understanding.

"Infidel" from around the world, this is the place where we can come together, honor and celebrate Mother Nature, strengthen our bonds and show them, there is more, more than one way to communicate with spirits, ancestors and divinity. No one has the exclusive right to define fidelity, except for the fidelity one accepts for himself.


Blue silver

Information collected from the mists of oblivion. Treasures found behind the seventh purple hill.

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