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Versjon 2 Svart Horna Hordafé, Vestlandsk Fjordfé from Hordaland, Viking Cows

Eikeland 33/2

This is a farms with organic production. The main thing we do is conservation work on old Norwegian cattle, more closely called Vestlandske Fjordfé. Our premier gourmet experts on cattle-meat call this for the Norwegian answer to the worlds most exclusive beef, more precisely steak from Japanese Kobe Cattle! The reason for this can be found in the fact that this cattle do not grow too fast, the muscle fibers are not rough and the fat is good marbled inside the meat. In addition, they are really good in grazing. When they go to pasture with herbs and shrubs, they eat from a wide spectered menu. These are characteristics that, to a certain degree, is consistent for all the old races, and it gives the right flavor to the taste.
The Vikings wanted cattle of moderate size and with short feet. The less weight made it easier to bring the animals along on ships. Short legs and low center of gravity gave good stability and better balance, both in difficult terrain and on ships.
A branch of this cattle is called Svart Horna Hordafé. It belongs to the district Midthordland and Hardanger. Stend Agricultural School created in late 1800 an original herd that should protect the special genes. This was the time of national romanticism and development of race mark on livestocks. The Hordafé had later to give space for heavier types with blood lines from foreign countries.
In later time, Eikeland 33/2 made an important breeding work to rebuild this original phenotype of Black Horned Hordafé.

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Hatlestrand Kolonihage (allotment)
For those who have got interest in cultivating their own vegetables, it is possible to do a deal with ein allotment in the vicinity.

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Goods and Services
Lundarhegni do not yet have what is called online store. Such a web-based shop will come later.
Still we have got a few products to offer. They can be obtained after agreement (e-mail, telephone or face to face). You can expect some delivery time.
Here we briefly configure an overview of what we may sell:

Organic Products
Fire wood
Meat from fjordfé

Contact Outreach
Meat of deer
Organic ice cream
Organic vegetables

Tour guideing
Guest Transport
Deer Safari with car
Snow removal w / large tractors
Garden Help (Hardanger Hagehjelp)
Certified mountain and glacier guiding (Bratt Lende)
Farm tourism, speciel for willing workers

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