Soria Castle

Building, step 1


Soria, the castle, has got it's permission, and is now part of the local authorities plan for Kvinnherad municipality.
The car road and the parking place, they are both finished, ready for use. Like the rest of the infrastructure, it belongs to the beginning of a project.
The plot is thus ready for startup groundwork. We just wait for you!

Planmap from Kvinnherad under MAPS

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Building, step 2


This step primarily belongs to the wooded area behind the castle, behind the camp and behind the amphitheater. There we will develop a Norse mythological miniature cosmos. That means, walking through the forest, it should be possible to find and probably recognize many of the known and beloved places described in the poetic Edda. We have no hurry about this. Our philosophy is that the process is just as important, if not more important, as the result. Still there should be some new work to look at every year.

Maps, names and explanations:
Refer Mythology park map


One of our famous fairytales is called Soria-Moria. It is the name of a troll-castle that goes from the depth of the Earth and stretch high up into the sky.

To find the core of this fairytale, one must see away from both the time frame and the heinous acts that take place. At bottom, this is about a curious boy and his adventures in an unknown land. With a dreaming and open mind, a beating heart and a lot of courage, he gets hope and love to flourish.

May be you also have got a dream, a secret hope to one day live inside a real castle, with green fields and grassing cows with golden horns in front? May be you want your own gardner to take care of it all?

Believe it or not, but this can be your chance. Lundarhegni working on the project, an elegant, modern, luxury building with 12 flats, some for sale, others for rent. The entities are basically drawn on an environmentally friendly, energy-saving base with lifelong standard. Size: 100 m2 +/-. Prices will come later, after the detailed engineering drawings and the budget are both in place. When time is, information will be obtained through FIIN

Since the different living objects are all collected in one building, and since this building is part of a regulated nature park, inhabitants will not be disturbed of any unexpected and unwanted construction activity. The complex is big enough to develop it's own social structure, and small enough to provide peace and serenity for those who prefer it. Behind and close up to to the castle, there will be a sheltered play ground, constructed for the smallest. In addition, the nature park will provide and create favorable conditions for creative hands and souls, for cultural growth and for nature-based development.

- 0.5 km path to beach
- 1.0 km shortcut through the woods to reach kindergarten, school and sports facilities
- 1.5 km road access to the store, gas station, boat harbour, ferry, kindergarten, school, sports arena w / new sports- and swimming hall
- 2.5 km to the mechanical repair workshop
Interested people may already now put themselves on the non-binding list for personal follow up / preview list