The Park

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Lundarhegni Nature Park (6,5 ha) is situated in the rural area of Hatlestrand in Kvinnherad community, Hardanger Fjord district.

Hatlestrand is a forest and agriculture area on the north-west side of the fjord. A composited geology has developed a great variety in flora and fauna. Our place is close to perfect as a starting point for nature experiences and for photo shootings. The area is rich in berries, wild herbs and mushrooms.
The village has got hidden memories from the past, worth take a look at.
The nature of Kvinnherad is broad spectered. Here you will find islands and islets, fjords and narrow straits, heaths and marshes, forests, hills and mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers and a varied cultural landscape of high class. In short, this is a Norway in miniature. Refer MAPS

The name Lundarhegni originates from The Old Oak Grove on the farm Eikeland. From the very beginning, thousands of years ago, this is considered to be the ceremonial place of Hatlestrand. Formation in the landscape, old place names, burial mounds, ancient monuments, together with general knowledge of history, tell us about a much unknown history.

The housing project of Lundarhegni will present a good alternative to persons and families who want to establish their lives close to nature and old traditions. The goal is to create a setting that will encourage art and craftsmanship, creativity and exploration. This we will achieve using fairytales, legends, mythology, drama, music and dance, values that are worth taking care of. We are proud of the backdrop. Our horizon is a dramatical mountain scenery. Our outdoor area is simply unique!

Our project intends to supply both Hatlestrand and Kvinnherad, with something fresh and new. Lundarhegni wants to administer a colorful cooperative of young and old people with one consistent ethical core value, and that is the respect for Mother Earth. Activities host to be governed accordingly.

Building, step 1
First and foremost the construction of our castle with its necessary facilities around.
Lundarhegni is part of the local authorities plan for Kvinnherad municipality.
Car road and parking place are both finished, ready for use.
The plot is thus ready for startup groundwork.

The plan is to be seen under MAPS
More about the castle, see Soria Castle
Interested? Make contact!

Building, step 2
Developing a Norse mythological miniature cosmos, placed out into the original and natural woodland. For maps, names and explanations, go to

Mythological map under MAPS

Owner Structure
Today Lundarhegni has got a sole proprietorship where some flats inside Soria will be posted for sale, others will be set up for rent. The ownership of the park may later be altered, preferably to a non-profit foundation.

Folkloristic Interest Group in Nature
For more closely information about voluntary work, membership, agreements and Housing Project purchase, go to CONTACT